“Made in EU-PV” – Progress and opportunities to contribute

We are happy to share good news about the »Made in EU-PV« film initiative: The film will be produced the coming months, as it has now gathered sufficient funds. As earlier communicated, ESMC is a cooperation partner for the film project. The plan is to produce a film of approximately 25 minutes, with the intention to convince political leaders...

An impact opportunity: “Made in EU-PV”

In line with our core mission to improve the conditions for European PV manufacturing and call for central support, ESMC would like to introduce you to a fundraiser film-project that we are supporting: “Made in EU- PV”. By creating a documentary film, the industry could communicate the European PV potential and call for action. The goal is to...

Our co-President Eicke Weber on the revival of European cell production

Our co-President Eicke Weber share his thoughts on the history of German, and European, PV manufacturing and calls for a rapid revival of European cell production to break free from dependence on China in a recent interview with Dieter Düran. In the interview, Mr. Weber shares that ESMC are aiming for three quarters of the solar power installed...

“If you please − draw me a sheep!”

“If you please − draw me a sheep!”

Says the little prince in 2nd chapter of the wonderful book by Saint Exupery. If you remember well this story and if you read it again, long time after we probably all had do read it in school you might be surprised how much it can teach us: The aviator that tries to draw a sheep and fails all the time in the eyes of the (young) Little Prince. The Little Prince, Greta, our children and grandchildren cannot be satisfied with the “Energy policy-sheep” that current politicians draw, mainly influenced by powerful lobby groups that like to maintain the status quo.