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In line with our core mission to improve the conditions for European PV manufacturing and call for central support, ESMC would like to introduce you to a fundraiser film-project that we are supporting: “Made in EU- PV”.

By creating a documentary film, the industry could communicate the European PV potential and call for action. The goal is to gather support from political and industrial stakeholders – for a European solar industry renaissance. There are many reasons why the current status quo, with a large hardware import dependency of Asia, puts Europe in a problematic position. The lacking security of supply has been demonstrated during the past year. The untapped opportunities of creating a strong European PV value chain include green value and job creation, sovereignty, and a stable long-term European R&D landscape.

The fundraiser project

Consultant Louis Huber, active on Perovskite-PV technology and initiator of the European Perovskite Initiative (EPKI), together with a skilled film Director, is proposing the community to produce a 20/25-minute lobbying film object. The aim is to mobilize the community and to get a powerful synthetic movie that will
1. Defend Solar PV as a strategic power source, 2. Demonstrate that PV made in Europe is possible. 3. Stress that it all requires institutional support and protection.

The film will include infographics and statistics as well as interviews and motion footage. After finalization, it should be largely broadcasted through social and digital media with help of all collaborative partners. The main target audience is politicians and institutional leaders. Attached you will find a full brief with more detailed info.

At ESMC, we are fully supportive of this initiative and will be sitting on the editorial team alongside other institutes such as Fraunhofer ISE and EERA PV group. We are hoping that this film will help the EU-PV community and trigger central support. The concept is that every sponsoring company, institution, and individual can make a commitment and the project be started when the minimum budget has been raised. Budget management rules are clear and defined here.

Do you want to contribute to the project? Please do as follows:

The ambition is to also host a showcasing screening event with top EU decision makers, stated we have room for it in the budget and that it is the right timing.

We are hoping that you will welcome this initiative.


For more detailed information or comments, please contact

Johan Lindahl
ESMC Secretary General

For more information: