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Market Intelligence

ESMC Exclusive Publications

Partly as a membership benefit, partly as a tool in our advocacy work, ESMC produces reports that describe and concretise the situation of the European PV Industry.

Market Reports

In addition to the efforts of our policy working groups, our team generates reports that provide insights into the current state of the European manufacturing industry.

The selection of report themes is closely aligned with the topics that hold significance in our policy work.

How to address the unsustainably
low PV module prices to ensure a
renaissance of the PV industry in

Amelia Oller Westerberg
Market Analyst

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This supplementary document, accompanying the letter issued by the unified EU PV manufacturing industry in September 2023, offers context and analysis regarding trade flows, price disparities, industrial policy expenditures, and stockpiles in Europe. This is conveyed to the Commission and national policymakers in light of the significant price drop in Chinese modules, which has led to financial hardships and even bankruptcies among ESMC’s members and other European PV manufacturers.

The initial pages of this document outline the current status as of autumn 2023, followed by a series of policy proposals aimed at improving the situation for ESMC’s members.


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