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ESMC position on the Solar Manufacturing Industry negotiations with the French government

“Promoting the development of manufacturing capacities for sustainable PV products in Europe requires to implement supporting policies without slowing down market development. In this respect, we consider that the French government should designate a reasonable part of the French market to an ambitious carbon content element.”

This can be achieved:

  • For utility-scale PV plants, by maintaining an effective target for the CO2 content in tenders, possibly in parallel or in alternance with other parameters such as efficiency.
  • For large rooftop PV, by maintaining a strong CO2 footprint element in tenders.
  • For all distributed PV systems, by implementing a premium on the top of the Feed-in tariff that could be offered for solar PV panels with the most ambitious carbon content.
  • For small distributed PV systems, the current CAPEX subsidy might be kept only for installations with a low carbon content and suppressed for the other ones.