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As the European industry organisation exclusively dedicated to, and shaped by, the European upstream PV Industry, the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) is pleased to announce the achievement of a significant milestone—75 members and counting.

Over nearly four years since the formal founding in early 2020, ESMC has grown by an impressive 70 members, in addition to the 7 founding ones. This period has not only been marked by numerical growth but also by the cultivation of enduring friendships and connections. While a few farewells are a natural part of any adventure, the journey has been defined by collaboration, innovation, and shared goals. In the current year alone, ESMC has welcomed over 25 new members. This continual influx not only enhances resources but also elevates the capacity to effectively represent the European PV industry, a commitment at the very core of the mission.

Johan Lindahl
ESMC Secretary General

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Since the membership base of ESMC is exclusively made up of companies and organisations active in or looking to enter the European upstream PV Industry, this expansion not only signifies as a testimony of the need for unity and a common voice of the industry, but also increases collaboration and networking opportunities within the robust industry network established through the ESMC membership. All major players in the European PV manufacturing Industry are now represented among ESMC’s members.

Raising a toast to this milestone, the anticipation is high for the next chapter of growth, collaboration, and the continued dedication to, not just the survival, but the renaissance of the European solar industry.

About the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC):

The European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) aims at promoting and supporting the PV manufacturing industry and its value chains at the European level, by creating a supportive political environment. ESMC promotes the development and investment in solar technology along the whole value chain (i.e. materials, wafer, modules, inverters, and other electronic components) to assist high-level system integration as well as production of equipment in Europe.