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Excellent words last week by Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency: “Our numbers show that if Europe is able to follow through on the net-zero goal, within five years of time, solar will be the number one electricity capacity in Europe, overtaking everybody. Clean energy must be at the heart of the global economic recovery, as it offers a solution to the economic and climate crises. Solar was essential in offering resilience during the pandemic, and with the framework of the European Green Deal, Europe can lead the world in providing solar and renewables technology.” 

Join forces means as well that we bring together all stakeholders to push the Commission in the right direction. Right now, they are not really…yet: So work to be done: Together! 

We should not forget that IEA has been created and Fatih Birol reminded us recently that the IEA has been established in 1974 within the framework of the OECD mainly to push for more energy security: That is exactly what Mr. Birol does now very well: A higher yield of local renewables establish Energy security!  

This year’s edition of the IEA’s flagship World Energy Outlook (WEO) will be published next week.