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ESMC promotes solar manufacturing made in Europe, the creation of a political environment to support industrial manufacturing and research while maintaining it at the top level globally. It promotes the development and investment in solar technology along the whole value chain (i.e. materials, wafer, modules, inverters and other electronic components) to assist high level system integration as well as production of equipment in Europe.

Our Goals

Our political goals are aligned with open letters signed by many in the PV manufacturing industry in 2017 and 2018 :

  • Sustainability criteria in publicly supported PV deployment programmes
  • Tighter networks between Europe’s PV industry and R&D centers
  • Retention of strategically important IP in Europe, especially if developed with European taxpayers’ money
  • Reducing financial risks and financial support underwritten or provided by public sources for large-scale     manufacturing investments in Europe, including for a possible Franco-German GW-scale initiative under the lead of an industrial company responsible for producing and selling the products
  • Market pull policies to support innovative EU-developed technology in European countries
  • Integrate the output of multi-GW cells and modules factories with development aid in Africa and other developing countries

ESMC Strategy Document 2020-2021

ESMC Achievements 2020