Press release: EU Member States are mobilizing efforts on a PV-IPCEI

This week will be of the key importance for the future of solar developments in the EU and the whole European PV manufacturing industry. The strategic agenda for the European PV deployment and the PV manufacturing industry will be set in the REPowerEU Plan and EU Strategy for Solar Energy, which will be launched on Wednesday. These framing...

“If you please − draw me a sheep!”

“If you please − draw me a sheep!”

Says the little prince in 2nd chapter of the wonderful book by Saint Exupery. If you remember well this story and if you read it again, long time after we probably all had do read it in school you might be surprised how much it can teach us: The aviator that tries to draw a sheep and fails all the time in the eyes of the (young) Little Prince. The Little Prince, Greta, our children and grandchildren cannot be satisfied with the “Energy policy-sheep” that current politicians draw, mainly influenced by powerful lobby groups that like to maintain the status quo.

“If you please − draw me a sheep!”

Alone? Together!

Some of you might know this fantastic Jazz song from 1932 performed by late Chet Baker:
Alone together, beyond the crowd
Above the world, we’re not too proud
To cling together, we’re strong
As long as we’re together

Although clear for a long time almost no European Government takes the appropriate action to tackle the challenges of our changing world. It does not help to meet and greet Greta and the world becomes a better place.
We need action to fight climate crisis but as well understand the effects on public health: An alarming report came from the European Environment Agency “Air pollution remains Europe’s top environmental threat to health, with more than 400 000 premature deaths driven by air pollution every year in the EU. Noise pollution comes second, contributing to 12 000 premature deaths.“ ‘The Green Deal on a sustainable future, strong action is needed… towards a more inclusive and sustainable Europe,’ said Hans Bruyninckx, EEA Executive Director.