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Dear friends of European Solar Manufacturing !

In recent weeks we are moving slowly back to “normal” Tuesday 23rd June we had the opportunity to meet again in Brussels with HQ-team to discuss “in real” next ESMC-steps.
Yesterday 8th July, we had a gathering between important European PV Industry stakeholders, presenting the results of the joint effort of ETIP-PV, ESMC, ITPV, VDMA and SolarPower Europe with the 1st Solar Manufacturing Accelerator event. Especially un-fatigable Claude Turmes closing remarks highlighted what needs to be done: We need all to understand that Solar PV is an important strategic asset for Europe”. 
All presented projects together represent – my calculations- more than 15.000 direct Jobs for Europe, but the potential is higher. Jean Therme, one of the founders of French INES-Institute (CEA) near Chambery, estimated that each direct job in Solar PV induces 3-5 indirect jobs. So, we are coming close to 6 digits!
NOW we need to move: The July documents of the EU energy strategy show little to no ambition towards European Solar Manufacturing. Same within the German EU presidency, while the German government is willing to spend billions on old Coal industry to counteract all research institutes urgent demand in an asap phase-out of coal: Solar is much cheaper and will bring a healthier life for the European Citizens while replacing lost jobs in the coal industry.

My estimated colleague Jeremy Wates, Secretary General of the EEB, mentioned about the German EU presidency: “The most important in a long term, given the need to drive the green transition through the European Green Deal measures while helping to steer the EU through the recovery to the COVID crisis”,

We ALL need to be inspired by the “Stronger Together” to support President Ursula von der Leyen in her ambitious plan for a “Green European Deal” integrating European Solar as THE backbone of the future energy systems!
The huge potential of Green Jobs is one of the keys for a Post-COVID Recovery is mentioned by IRENA in their Post-COVID recovery study.

Last but not least we should not allow to put “natural (= fossil)” gas in the 40 Bn Euro “Just Transition Fund” and support Pascal Canfin, French MEP opposing this: integrating now support schemes for the fossil gas cannot be the solution.

“May the SOLAR Force be with you.”

Andre Langwost,
Secretary General 
European Solar Manufacturing Council