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Famous philosopher Georg Hegel (1770-1831) said: “From the history of peoples we can learn that peoples have learned nothing from history.” But with this new ESMC-Newsletter part we at least can try…
Chancellor Angela Merkel is among the very few heading a 2nd time the European council. Let’s look back what has been in her program back in 2007: 
“Ensuring secure, environmentally sound and competitive energy supplies. Secure, environmentally sound and competitive energy supplies are a prerequisite for Europe’s positive economic development. It is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee it: factors include the finite nature of fossil fuels against a background of growing global demand, persistently high oil and gas prices, growing instability in certain regions of the world and the effects of climate change. In view of these challenges, the adoption of the European Energy Policy Action Plan will be a priority for the Spring 2007 European Council.”
Out of the official program (German Version available here)