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Policy mapping

ESMC Working Group


In order to create a favorable political environment and support the PV manufacturing industry in Europe, the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) initiated three working groups, one of them on the topic of policy mapping. 


Working group mission

The initiative was instigated by Lucas Weiss (Voltec Solar) and introduced by Carsten Rohr (vice-chair of the ESMC). This working group aims at identifying relevant policies (already in place, under development or potential new policies) impacting the PV market demand and more importantly European PV manufacturers.

A survey was conducted rating the impacts of these policies, either positive or negative on the PV industry. The results obtained through this survey will serve as a basis for future policy recommendations to promote European solar manufacturing.

Carsten Rohr

Carsten Rohr

ESMC Vice-Chair

For more information or details about the WG- Eco-design and Policy mapping:

Our latest activity in the working groups

One of ESMCs core missions is to stay updated on the latest news of the PV industry. Below, you can find the latest press releases on ESMC activities. Beside these published announcements, ESMCs working groups are involved in public consultation rounds on the central policy topics.

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