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ESMC Working Groups

In order to create a favourable political environment and support the PV manufacturing industry in Europe, the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) initiated two working groups: 

WG – Policy mapping

The initiative was instigated by Lucas Weiss (Voltec Solar) and introduced by Carsten Rohr (vice-chair of the ESMC). This working group aims at identifying relevant policies (already in place, under development or potential new policies) impacting the PV market demand and more importantly European PV manufacturers.

A survey was conducted rating the impacts of these policies, either positive or negative on the PV industry. The results obtained through this survey will serve as a basis for future policy recommendations to promote European solar manufacturing.

WG- Eco-design

The European Commission is considering environmental policies for PV and are considering the mandatory policies Eco-Design for modules and inverters and Energy Labelling for PV systems, in addition to voluntary Eco-Label and Green Public Procurement. Following the JRC preparatory study, ESMC initiated a Joint Mission Group under ETIP-PV to join forces with  Solar Power Europe, PV Thin and IECRE (IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications) to engage in the policy development process and provide expert input.

The work of the Joint Mission Group is structured in 4 working groups:

  • WG I – Eco-Design PV Modules
  • WG II – Eco-Design Inverters
  • WG III – Energy Label
  • WG IV – Sustainability Criteria

The concrete objective of this Joint Mission Group is to produce an Expert Input Paper with a common position towards the European Commission in the initiative of setting up sustainable product policy instruments (criteria development of the EC policies). This paper was issued in march 2021.

Download the Expert Input Paper

WG- EU Recovery funds and IPCEI

The PV industry might be able to emulate the success of the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) for the battery and other industries of strategic importance. It would elevate PV to be considered as a strategic industry in Europe and would allow public subsidies to exceed state aid limitations.

This working group launched in 2021 will aim at shaping a PV industry IPCEI at European Level bringing together European manufacturers and National Governments with the aim to enable co-financing of PV industry development in Europe.

Download a letter to commissioner Thierry Breton and commissioner Kadri Simson that advocates for a IPCEI for PV manufacturing signed by eight Member States.

Download the Policy statement Solar manufacturing renaissance in Europe — appeal for RRF commitment where ESMC advocates for RRF to take the strategically important PV industry in consideration.

Carsten Rohr

Carsten Rohr

ESMC Vice-chair

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Johan Lindahl

Johan Lindahl

ESMC Secretary General

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