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Sleepwalking, side-stepping or frontrunning?
A part of the Bruegel Annual Meeting was VP Timmermans’ talk about the Green Deal, he’s in charge of. VP Timmermans gave a typical example of the lack of vision for Solar by the current statements of the EU-Commission officials. How is it possible that the commissioner, in charge of the “Green Deal” does not even mention in his talk “Solar”? And on my question how he likes to integrate European Solar Manufacturing into his strategy we got some words about “Green Hydro and Off-shore wind”…
Green Hydro, yes needed, offshore wind, yes needed, but not as the backbone of European Energy future!
A different approach had EU-commissioner Kadri Simpson, in charge of Energy at the First World Solar Technology Summit on 8th of September: “Solar photovoltaic is a key sector in this regard. Because it is a key technology for the energy system we want: decarbonised, cost-effective and sustainable. And it is an investment that brings growth and jobs. For the EU, we had an installed capacity of 134 GW in 2019. We want to see that grow significantly by 2030. And our aim is to be as close to 1000GW as possible by 2050. Many things need to fall into place for that to happen.”
She’s on the right way and with some effort we can make the 1000GW possible by 2030!