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Bloomberg BNEF understands much better that Solar is a key solution: In partnership with European Commission Coal Regions in Transition Platform, released together an in-depth analysis on Bulgaria, Czechia, Poland and Romania, showing how current market conditions and existing policies can accelerate the transition away from coal to cleaner, more affordable sources of energy: BNEF’s levelized cost of electricity analysis makes it clear that the most economic source for new bulk electricity generation in most markets is now wind or solar, rather than coal or gas – and Poland, Czechia, Romania and Bulgaria are no exception to this trend.” The study demands than 50 GW of new renewables (Solar and Wind) in the coming decade for these 4 countries only bringing -114.0 Mt of Co2 reduction! Renewables represent a 45 billion-euro investment opportunity over the next decade and could bring more than 45,000 associated jobs.